How to test new binding? kar vs jar?

I finished porting the Wiz Light binding to OH 3 - it compiles fine but putting the jar file in the addon directory doesn’t seem to do anything. Does the new directory expects kar files? If so, is there an easy way I can package a single binding or is there maven command to compile a all the bindings into a kar?



go into the sub folder of just the 1 binding and run
mvn clean install then in the TARGET folder of that binding you will find a single jar file for just that binding.
Drop that into the addons folder and you can use your binding unless there are external dependencies to deal with that will also need to be dropped into the addons folder.

NOTE: the binding will not show up in the installed list of bindings, but it will be seen in the Inbox when you press the + button to do a scan for new things.

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