How to track by gps

How do I show the location on the map? Where is the specific vehicle or person?
(I want to see in real time where my vehicle is)
Where do I start?

I’d suggest searching the forum for “GPS” and seeing if anything of interest to you comes up. :wink:

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Where you should always start:
By reading the docs and searching the forum. Look for the gpstracker binding.


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This thread is always a good start here.

I chose to use the GPSLogger app for Android
And it works with openhab but it shows me the location of my previous home and not where I am now
You know how to fix it so I could see my current location?

There are lots of tutorials a short search away.

The add-on readme has lots of examples in it too including how to show the current location using the built in OpenMap.

OH is only going to know the most recently reported location. You will have to mess with the GPSLogger app settings to control how often it reports and to make sure that it doesn’t get shutdown in the background.