How to trigger a script/scene from a sitemap


I have a scripted scenario I would like to trigger from my sitemap.
Today I use selection with a mapping and a rule to start the scenario.
It works but I need to change back to a fake state before being able to trigger it again.
Is there a better way yo do this ?


add an option to your selection… like 0=select a scene

in your rule. after your scene code, send a command to your selection to return to 0
and do nothing when 0 is select in the rule.

is that what you are looking for?

Simply use autoupdate=false for the selection item :slightly_smiling:

What is this autoupdate parameter ?
I didn’t find any documentation about it.

if autoupdate is set to false, openHAB will not set the state of the item but only send the command through the binding, openHAB will set the state only if it gets a command or status update from a binding or an explicit command from a rule, so if you define buttons in the UI, the button will not stay pressed if you press the button :slightly_smiling: