How to trigger recording of a Camera

I like to trigger start of recording for my IP cameras, based on rules. e.g. a Window Sensor triggers open -> Camera starts recording, even if there is no motion detected yet.
I did not find a channel in the IPCamera binding, that does exactly that … start/stop recording. Or do I miss something?
I use AMCREST cameras.
any advice?

Read the documentation that is on the openHAB website, you use an action.

IP Camera - Bindings | openHAB

thanks for the info. I think this does not do exactly what I want to do.

My Amcrest Cameras are connected to a Synology Surveillance station that stores all the recordings. So I do not want to specify a file for the recording in the ACTION.
I just want to trigger the camera to start and stop recording from within Openhab.
Is there a way to do this? Or do I understand the functionality of the ACTION incorrectly?

The binding does not
Do that currently. I could be wrong but onvif may have that feature and would be the way to look into as then more cameras would get the ability.
You could use the alarm input terminals if your camera has them to do this.
Perhaps by wiring the terminals to always be on and then using the enable/disable control to turn the inputs on and off.

Within the Amcrest HTTP API, I found “SetRecordModeConfig”, which looks like a way to do what I want to do - utilizing the Openhab HTTP Binding.
When I tested it with the browser using Channel 0 and Mode 1, I got an OK response, but I did not find a recording on my Synology NAS. So, I do not know if I misread the description in the Amcrest API.
Do you consider adding such a functionality to the binding?
I will check if my cameras have alarm input terminals.

I have zero need for such feature at this time so have no plans to add that. If your camera has the input terminals (not all do) it is probably able to be done via that method. I know a user that is doing it with a hikvision and the input terminals as they allow you to trigger it without physically wiring the terminals.

Maybe another user knows synology and if they have a way or any other methods.

Unfortunately, my cameras do not have external alarm terminals.
I can not use the “external motion sensor input” channel, correct?

I guess my only options would potentially be via the HTTP API. I will further look into this.


One final question. When I said that my cameras do not have external alarm inputs, I did that based on the channels that are available in PaperUI. When I checked the manual of the camera, I found that the camera indeed has external alarm terminals. How would I be able to enable/disable them from within Openhab?

Having looked at what the binding offers for dahua I would look at using the alarm output terminal to trigger the input terminals. You will need to be careful as it may be 12v on the outputs and that may blow up the inputs if you do not do it correctly. A relay could be one way to make it safe.
Note I have not done it before and you will need to work it out.

Fortunatly, I already found a solution.
There is a Synology surveillance binding (not yet in official distro) that does exactly what I want to do.
I installed the binding and tested the functionality - works like a charm.

Binding Request: Synology Surveillance Station