How to turn off Touchscreen on Windows 10 by OpenHAB

To display my HabPanel on the Wall i bought a 10inch Touch Screen, witch is running well with touch.
I want to turn off the Screen at Evening, and turn on again in the Morning.
Connection to the Tiny PC with Win10 Pro running, is with HDMI Cable and USB Cable for touch. You could use a WallPlug for providing the screen with Power, but the USB Cable is also delivering Power to it.
I have a switchable WallPlug which i could switch from OpenHAB, but this is useless, because the USB is delivering Power also, and the Screen stays on when the PowerPlug is switched Off.
Are there any posibilities to turn off USB Power Delivery?

Maybe cut the USB cord and run the power wires thru a small switch that OH could control? I’ve done something similar in the past and the wires are tiny so be careful with your connections.

Look at these PowerShell scripts:
You should be able to run these on a schedule through OH, or even the Microsoft Task Scheduler.

Or you could use the nirsoft utility
to schedule the monitor on and off.

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Thank you for your suggestions.
I could not get the scripts to work as i expect.

The Solution was at the End to get USB A Male and Female Cables with Screw Connectors at one End.
I connect then only 2 of the 5 Wires for the DataSignals, and plugged the “normal” USB Cable into one Side, and the self Build Cable on the other Side to the PC.
With that combination i could use the PowerPlug to switch the TouchScreen off, and have Touch Function as well.