How to uninstall bindings in OH2

Hi all,

I used the demo as base and I was building up from there. When I now install a nightly build and set the config to demo (since my coding is within the demo files) there are the demo bindings installed as well. When I now try to deinstall them (like the Astro, Yahoo or Sonos binding) I just see the turning circle within the paper UI but they are not getting deinstalled.

Is there another way next to the paper UI to deinstall them?


Take a look at:

Then I think the command from the console is bundle:uninstall <ID>

Note: I would stop the bundle first.

As long as you have selected the demo package as a base package, the system will always make sure that all demo add-ons are installed as well. So if you want to get rid off them, please first switch to the “standard” package (this won’t delete your demo files in conf).

Oh ok this explains it! Thx Kai and Mike!