How to uninstall Openhab from Rasberry Pi?

Hi All,
Could anyone please help me with some instruction about removing Openhab from my Rasberry?
Right now I have the 1.7.0 Openhab version and I want to download the 1.7.1 version.
I tried to delete the folder using MobaXterm but it didn’t delete all. Some folders and the exe files are still there.
I want to be sure that everything related to Openhab is removed from my Rasberry board and nothing remain active or copied somewhere on the board including the folder called openhab.
Thank you in advance!

How did you install it? If manually you should just have a folder called openhab somewhere and once that is deleted you’re done.

I took the archive like this and unzipped in the Openhab folder that I made.
sudo wget
sudo unzip
sudo rm
Now I want to remove everything.

I found this
Sudo apt-get purge hopenhab
But says that couldn’t find openhab!
Now i am logged with user pi, should I use as administrator? How can I do that?

From the sounds of it, all you did was extract the zip file into a folder somewhere. In that case then just delete the folder too.

“sudo” in front of a command means you execute the command as root=admin.
But that is not your problem, because when you installed via wget and unzipped the file you cannot uninstall via apt-get purge. Instead you just have to delete the folder which you created during unzipping.
One advice: you need to get familiar with Linux (read, read, read and read), otherwise you won’t have a chance to solve any future problems.
Next step would be to care about openhab …

Good luck

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How to delete it?
What command should I use? If I try to delete it from its folder using the mouse it can’t delete it. Opening a terminal what should I use?

Read here and/or here. If a command has not sufficient rights put “sudo” in front of it.

Hi thanks, I managed to delete the folder using rm -rf mydir directly from opt folder.
Now i have another question, how can i copy some files that i have on my pc to my rasberry in opt/openhab/configurations/items … etc.
I am using Filezila but i cant copy or upload files in this directory! it says failed. I am logged with the pi user, should i log in as an admin? how to do that?
This is what i see on the Filezila monitor:

Error:	/opt/openhab/configurations/items/default.items: open for write: permission denied
Error:	File transfer failed

Thanks all for the help.

I normally change the ownership of the openhab folder so that it belongs to “pi” using chown.

Another solution is copying the files via ftp to /home/pi/. That works for the user pi. From there you can use the cp command to copy it to the directory you want.

@danielwalters86 this is exactly what i was expecting you to tell me how, in the meantime i found this command on some site and i got it working:

sudo chown -R pi /opt/openhab

so for those who loose time searching on the net for this kind of problem please use this command and you’ll be able to copy different files in different root folders on the Rasberry board. All you have to do is just to change the /opt/openhab with the folder you want to access.
Thanks for the advice. Finally the only one who can help you is YOU!