How to unterstand charts periods

here is an example of 6 charts with different periods and a result, which i do not expected (1.3 + 5 are the same)… who can explain me why?


Valid chart periods are defined here.

h, 4h, 8h, 12h, D, 3D, W, 2W, M, 2M, 4M, Y

is 2h or 8M also valid?

is there a way to get all available values without a time/period?

or to get the all-time-max/min/avg?

These are the only available options. You must provide a time period. You cannot chart all values. To chart min, max, avg you must create a spearate item which gets the new state calculated when the main item changes, persisting that item aand Charting it.

Or look at the tutorial @ThomDietrich posted to use InfluxDB + Grafana if you want more options with Charting.

3M would be better than 4M …