How to update and redeploy binding without build process

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on improving the zigbee binding by updating some of the bundle files. Since I didn’t touch the Java code I tried to get around setting up the whole building process by simply replacing the files in the .jar-Container.

However, I’m not sure on how to make openHAB use the updated .jar-Container. Would it eve accept a modified .jar? What kind of checks do I need to circumvent? Where to I place the file and how do I activate it?

I wasn’t able to find any of this information in the documentation, I’d be greatful if you pointed me to the right place.

Thanks and cheers

What exactly did you upgrade?

I updated the zigbee binding by replacing the discovery.txt and adding an additional thing folder and xml for autodiscovery.

Not sure if it works at all, but you can try to deactivate the bundle (not uninstall it) an drop the new .jar in the addons-folder. That way the installed dependencies are still available.

OK I’ll ty that. What folder would the addons folder be on openhabian? It seems I have been using the wrong one so far…


Just to follow up on this. When a binding consists of multiple bundles (jars) and you make a change to one of them the process outlined by @J-N-K works perfectly.

Disable the current bundle (by bundle:stop [id]) NOT bundle uninstall. Then through the new jar in the openhab addons folder.

I have successfully tested changes to the telegesis part of the zigbee binding by doing this.