How to update installed dashboard tiles


I have some issues with tiles installed on my openhab2 dashboard located under port 8080. First I installed “FIND” but I remoived that again but still the tile remains although I removed eveything. Second hostname of frontail and basic ui is wrong but paperui is ok? would like to correct those issues can anyone help me with tthis? And of course I wanto correct this at the source which is generating the tiles not the current html/js code otherweise my fixes will be overwritten on next update of openhab2 or when I add another tile.

Thanks for any help.



I don’t know the answers to your questions.

Do you have the file /etc/openhab2/services/dashboard.cfg ? If so see if you can edit those tiles out from there. Each tile is represented by three lines, one of which is the encoded version of the icon that gets used. You should see all your errant files there and you can correct the hostname there as well. By default is uses the HOSTNAME environment variable

How did you install/remove FIND? If it was through openHABian, please file an issue at openHABian github. If you removed FIND manually, (i.e. not through openhabian-config) then you will definitely need to remove the tile manually.

Not to hijack the thread. But I think there’s is something inherently wrong or bugged about how the dashboard works.

See my issue here.