How to update or add new z-wave product definition to existent OH2 installation?

My installation, on ubuntu 16.04 with apm-get, is not the thermostat CT101 definition. How can I add it?
In same notes I found instruction to put the xml in {userdata}/zwave but where is {userdata}? In my configuration the .cfg files, items are in /etc/openhab2 .
I did same try but without success.

Information on adding devices to the database is here. The XML files that you see in the userdata folder are not related to the database files (ie they are a totally different format and for a different purpose).

Instructions can be found here:

Unfortunately you have a bigger problem, the CT101 is not yet supported in openHAB:


I can do the work if you can send me the instruction and the schema of both xml, I worked on Karaf for 2 years and I can work on the code as well as build and update the bundle. Probably the best idea is adding the ability to load the definition from external folder for better update the definitions.

The database guide is here.

I think the CT101 is already in the database though so there shouldn’t be anything to do…