How to upgrade OH?

Hi All, sorry for the dumb question, I have been using OH 2.4 for a while and I am not sure what is the build I have installed.

This is what I get when I type openhab-cli info

Version: 2.4.0 (Build)

User: openhab (Active Process 1814)
User Groups: openhab tty dialout audio bluetooth

Directories: Folder Name | Path | User:Group
----------- | ---- | ----------
OPENHAB_HOME | /usr/share/openhab2 | openhab:openhab
OPENHAB_RUNTIME | /usr/share/openhab2/runtime | openhab:openhab
OPENHAB_USERDATA | /var/lib/openhab2 | openhab:openhab
OPENHAB_CONF | /etc/openhab2 | openhab:openhab
OPENHAB_LOGDIR | /var/log/openhab2 | openhab:openhab
OPENHAB_BACKUPS | /var/lib/openhab2/backups | root:root

My questions here are:

  • how to I know what is my build ? I think that I have installed it around February or March/2019.
  • How to I update it to a newer version ? I want to keep using OH 2.4 so just want to update the build.

The Devs have been working on the next version, 2.5 . They have said the release will be late due to all the major work in integrating Eclipse Smart Home and redesigning their build system.
They just built the second unstable build, 2.5M2, for distribution but still have a minor glitch or 2 before it is widely available.
2.4 is the latest stable build.

so there is no package that update 2.4 with latest fix ? I mean, after I installed on February/March there is no new 2.4 version ?

The stable version has normally been updated every 6 months. 2.4 was released in December. The 2.5 release has been delayed due to all the unexpected work this release cycle.
They released 2.5M1 (Milestone 1) testing in April and planned on monthly milestone builds. They just built 2.5M2 today but are having issues getting it to the normal Linux repos. After all issues have been resolved in the testing builds, 2.5 will get released.
In between there are unstable nightly snapshots but everything is not expected to function in those builds.

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Ok, I got it.
Thank you.

It looks like the testing (Milestone) repo has moved due to space issues.

I will wait until 2.5 becomes the stable version, for now I will keep working on 2.4 as is.


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