How to upgrade without losing persistence data, etc

I’ve been running openHAB 1.7 on Windows successfully and am now upgrading to 1.8.1, partly to try and fix a z-wave issue and partly because I want the latest openHAB on principle.

I followed the instructions in the changelog - that is creating a new openHAB folder and copying across my configurations folder. But when I restarted openHAB using the new installation I realised that none of the persistence files had been brought across.

I guess the persistence files are stored somewhere else (not in configurations). But this made me think - what else am I missing?

Please can you help me understand which folders/files contain logs, configuration, etc. and should be copied across with each upgrade? Or am I approaching this the wrong way - is there an automated upgrade process that works for installations on Windows?



Well, persistence is stored in wherever you configured openhab to store it. :wink: For example I use mysql, so all my persistence info is stored in a mysql database. When I moved my installation from windows to linux, in addition to packing up the openhab files I packed up the mysql database and moved it over as well. (…which should have worked, but… sigh.)

A quick browse into the openhab directory with a file explorer should give you most of what you’re looking for pretty straight ahead:

(oh)/configurations – all the files to move if you’re moving your configuration
(oh)/logs – all the logs

The only kind of screwball one that I’ve run into so far is (oh)/etc/zwave . This directory contains a bunch of xml files that describe the nodes on your zwave network. Fortunately if this directory doesn’t exist the zwave binding will recreate all the files, so it’s not too bad if they don’t get copied. (not sure what happens if they exist and are wrong, though!)