How to use custom css?


i seem to be struggling at some basic point here, i guess. I created a custom css to toy with the functionality (background color, font size), but i cant get it to work.
I configured it in the panel settings as additional css (located in /static folder in html), but it doesnt load. Do i have to do any more steps? Do i set the path wrong in addional settings? I seem to be missing something here.

Thanks in advance!

I presume you’ve configured HABPANEL settings that is must used the (overriding) stylesheet
The revised stylesheet must be placed in the …/conf/html folder.

Inside that overriding stylesheet file one can (re)define styles. I use, source/inspection of FireFox to findout the styles and where they are coming from.

I already used HABPANEL, just without custom css. My problem seems to be my browser. At first i included a more or less blank css without any overrides, and thus nothing had changed. Then i employed alot changes, but they didnt show. In edge the css reloads when i reload the page though, opera doesnt do this. Will dig into the settings of opera, maybe i find something there.