How to use GPStracker to update entire SYSTEM regional/location

Anyone who has written a rule that updates the setting “regional/location” with the GPStracker-data (long/lat)?

i have three items from GPS tracket

Location LocationEX	"Position [%2$s°N %3$s°E %1$sm]"          	<map_marked>                  { channel="gpstracker:tracker:01:lastLocation"}
Number  DistanceFromHome  "Distance from home [%.3f km]"  <distance>                              { channel="gpstracker:tracker:01:homeDistance" } 
Switch atHomeEX "Near home" <onderweg> { channel="gpstracker:tracker:01:regionTrigger"[profile="gpstracker:trigger-geofence", regionName="NearHome"]}

then you make a rule with the Switch item atHomeEX

I want to change the regional system-setting because the OH is located in a RV.

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But I still don’t understand your question.
Is your question about OpenHab settings or the GPS tracker settings.
Please elaborate.

My OpenHAB is located in a RV/camper.

I use the GPStracker to update the location of the RV

I want to set the system-settning based on gps-tracker - due that all other bindings uses the system settning

I have done this before - with a rule - but the configuration was lost due to a SD-card crash =(

have a look to the REST API ( /services/{serviceId}/config ).
As far as I understand the REST API you can update / set the configuration there.