How to use HY369 TRV in openhab

Hi folks,

I thought, it seems to be a good idea to buy four TRVs in China. :blush:

Now I´ve received them and try to add in in my openhab system.
But there are some problems I can´t solve.

First issue: After the device was added to my zigbee network the time/date changes to Sunday, 6:28 AM. It seems, the device awaits date and time from the gateway but on wich channel?

I´ve discovered the device with mosquito_sub and find the following channels:
TRV_zigbee_device.txt (2.8 KB)

I wondering that there is no battery info.

Next Problem: I don’t know how to figure out which channel can be written to change its state/value.

I tried this for the setpoint:
Type number : setpoint "Eingestellte Temperatur" [ stateTopic = "zigbee2mqtt/HeizThermo_Office/current_heating_setpoint", commandTopic = "zigbee2mqtt/HeizThermo_Office/set/current_heating_setpoint" ]

But nothing changes on the device if I change the value at ‘Basic UI’.

Has anybody an idea to solve my problems or maybe uses the devices already?


Your log says


But your openHAB configuration says


They need to be the same!

Your are right but I uploaded the wrong log.
Of course log and configuration uses the same names.
I can read the values, so that is not the problem.

We can only advise on the information presented to us!

In that case, I would forget about openHAB for the minute and try to directly control the TRV via MQTT, either continuing from the command line with mosquitto_pub and mosquitto_sub clients, or perhaps a more user friendly client like MQTT Explorer or mqtt.fx. Once you’ve satisfied that what you want to see and do is possible, then come back to openHAB!