How to use lable- or value-color on only active state in sitemaps?

Hi everyone,

In my sitemap I often using the visibility to only show the active state, like this:

Switch item=PIR_Garage mappings=[OPEN="Motion"] visibility=[PIR_Garage=="OPEN"]
Switch item=PIR_Garage mappings=[CLOSED="No Motion"] visibility=[PIR_Garage=="CLOSED"]

I’d like to have the “Motion” colored in red when it is active instead of the normal blue.

For example if I only use

Switch item=PIR_Garage mappings=[CLOSED="No Motion", OPEN="Motion"]

Then the active states is colored red:

I have tried labelcolor and valuecolor back and forth but without getting the result I’d like.

Is what I’m trying to do even possible?

Thanks and br

You can’t do what you are looking for. The color of the buttons that get generated when you use MAPPINGS on the sitemap are automatically assigned. The button that represents the current state of the Item will be red, the rest will be blue.

Thanks @rlkoshak

Then I will not spend more time on this subject :slight_smile:

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