How to use multiple/remote OWserver

In my setup I’ve got 4 Raspi3 (with openhab2) running. Each of them has it’s own owserver running and some 1w sensors connected.

Now I would like to gather the information from another device.
eg: Show the water temperature (raspi in cellar) on the frontend in the first floor. Additional to it’s own 1wire sensor information.

Can anyone help me how to configure the “owfs.conf” or the openhab2 “onewire.cfg”

thanks in advance

I don’t know much about OW or how the OWFS binding works, but typically one would have one Master OH and each of your four OH servers running on the 4 RPis would report their information to that Master. Then it is the UIs from the Master that gets used.

You can integrate the OH’s using the MQTT Event Bus configuration.