How to use ng-repeat for Array in HABPanel

I have create an ArrayList in rule. Something like:

val List Crono1 = newArrayList(20, 0, 20, 6, 20, 8, 20, 12, 20, 18, 20, 22 )

I would like to show them in a list in HabPanel Template using ng-repeat function.
The result showld be something like:


Is it possible? How? Did you have any other solution?

I know one of the solution could be to Create several items and group them and then list them using no-repeat but this could require to create almost 110 items…


No. Only Items are available to HABpanel. Rule’s vars and vals are only available in Rules.

I know of no better solution, but I’m not HABpanel expert so can’t say if this is the best approach.

With that many Items I would write a script to either generate the .items file automatically or interact with the REST API to create them that way.

Thanks for your clear answer.
I will try a different approach to avoid so many items:
Since I need 3x5x7 Items, but only 15 will be shown at the same time I will create only 3x5 items + 1 Select Item and I will modify the 15 items value based on the 1 selected item inside a rule ie

Item SelectItem changed

Item1 = Crono1.get(selectItem.value7)
Item2 = Crono1.get(selectItem.value


In the HabPanel I can use the ng-repeat function to show the 15 items value,

That’s should be a good compromise …I will try

Thanks again