How to use openHAB 2.30 in a fresh installation


How can Install openHab 2.3.0 stable with openhabian in a fresh install?
Which image shall I use?

openHabian 1.4.x gives me 2.4.0
openHabian 1.3.x I have not tried now but released June 2017 but openHAB 2.3 was released in May 2018

The version of OH installed is independent of the version of openHABian. By default either version of openHABian will give you the latest release. If you want to stick to an older release you need to pin the version in apt. And the first time you run it, openHABian 1.3 will upgrade itself to 1.4 anyway.

apt-get install openhab2=2.3.0

I think that will work.

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Thanks @rlkoshak for the info - I look into that approach or try to solve the z-wave issues

Clearly going for 2.4 is the better option long term. Check the release notes and forum what you will need to do w.r.t. ZWave changes that were introduced in 2.4, it’s documented there.

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@mstormi I will try to stabilize it, thanks