How to use openhabian SD card into another Raspberry Pi3?

I have installed openhabian into my raspberry pi3 and set up my home automation, now if I take an image of that SD card and restore it on new SD card, will I be able to use that new SD card into new raspberry pi to make another home automation setup at my office or do I have to go through the whole process of installing and configuration again??

Because I tried that card in different raspberry pi, but it doesn’t boot up…

It depends on how generic your settings are. For example, if you assigned a static IP address then it won’t boot because your other pi already has that same address. There are other things like this that could cause problems too. I don’t know all of the settings that openHABian makes to know if that or something else is the problem.

But in general you should be able to put the sd card in any pi and it will not.

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I agree with Rich
I have made openhabian applications for others on my Rpi3 and they would work immediately on other RPi3’s and even on an RPi2

The IP issue Rich mentions is very valid, but for me no problem as I just installed the other Pi on another LAN with the required address.

The only ‘issue’ I came across was when logging in with SSH that sometimes an ‘old’ security key had to be removed, but on a linux terminal the terminal program shows the exact command to do that.

So, why it doesnt boot up… the mentioned IP issue seems a possibility, but in all honesty, even on a brand new Raspi I sometimes had to pull out and insert an sd card again (with power off) to make sure it was recognized.

I presume you have tried a different card to make sure the other raspi was indeed working?

I have successfully used the same SD card copy of my home automation in my office automation, now the problem is if I want to connect to openhabcloud for my office automation , I need uuid and secret from my openhab…

now the uuid remains the same after taking the copy of my home automation SD card, and won’t let me create the account as the uuid is already use in my home automation account… So How can I create account for my office???

stop openHAB, delete the uuid and secret files, and when OH comes back up it will generate new ones. then you can sign up for a account and use the uuid and secret for that new account.

unfortunately you cannot have more than one OH installation associated with the same email login.

Sorry to put this question on multiple threads, I tried to stop openHAB and deleted uuid and secret files… and restarted my server but uuid an secret is not generated… I may be doing something wrong in stopping openHAB… I am running openhabian on my raspbeery Pi 3, Can you please elaborate how to stop openHAB and restart openHAB in openhabian???

I am using following commands to stop and start openHAB…

sudo systemctl stop openhab2.service
sudo systemctl start openhab2.service

Those are the correct commands.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the cloud connector binding.

Uninstalling and reinstalling cloud connector binding works… Thank you very much…