How to use recently merged PR with Docker

I need the fix provided by a specific PR that was merged a few days ago. I am using openhab with Docker. My questions are:

  • Are there snapshot versions for 2.5.1 or 2.5.2? For Docker users?
  • how do I know that a merged PR has been included in a build / snapshot?
  • Which docker image tag should I use? I tried openhab/openhab:2.5.2-snapshot (as specified in but docker says:
ERROR: manifest for openhab/openhab:2.5.2-snapshot not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

This is the PR in question:

I know that I could fetch the openhab-addons repository and build the mqtt binding myself, drop it into my addons folder and use that for the time being. I’d do this in the mean time but it would be nice to know if I could use snapshots with 2.5.x

snapshots are only updating bindings, Core is fixed at 2.5 so there have not been snapshots released but 2.5.2 snapshot bindings are available on Jenkins for manual installation.

Thanks! Would you mind telling me exactly where I can find them? I presume you meant a pre-built jar for each binding?

They should be somewhere in this tree.

No need. Just update the openhab2-addons package from the snapshot repo.

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What if you do not currently have that package installed?

Then how did you install OH ? Just wanted to point out you don’t have to juggle with binaries, jars or the like.

Just install openhab2. When you choose the addons, they get downloaded. The addons package is just for offline servers with no Internet access, I thought.

How do I do this for Docker?

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There is no 2.5.2 SNAPSHOT Dockerfile, only 2.5.1.