How to use somfytahoma channel 'closure_orientation' in semantic model of OH3

Hi Folks, hi @Ondrej_Pecta,

in OH2 I used to set up my venetian blinds with two items each: one item for control channel and one for orientation. Durring the OH3 migration I’ve discovered the closure_orientation channel only for ventetian blinds. Now I’ve the idea of one single item for each blind. But I must confess that I don’t know how to integrade it the best way in the new semantic model of OH3. May someone push me in the right direction?

OH won’t support that. You need three Items, one for control, one for orientation, and the third for closure_orientation. The Thing will tell you what Item types each of these need to be.

In the semantic model, you can tag all three of these Items with an appropriate Point and Property tag. Then you can put the three into a Group with an Equipment tag and put that Group into the proper Location Group.

Or even easier, from the Model click on “create equipment from Thing” and do this all in one go.