How to use Technology to solve Problems we would'nt have without Technology

Yes, evil technology lures our children in front of big screens, clutching on to so called “Controlers”. But who controls whom? Are they controling the Console, or is the Console controlling them? Time passes and before they know, 't is midnight and the alarm will go off soon…too soon!
Sounds familiar? Probably yes if you have children (of any age…) and you’re not living under a rock :wink:
But fear not! The good Technology of OpenHAB to the rescue - here is “ZockCheck” or “GameControl”:
I’ve set up an Alarm like widget&rules that check if:

  • Time is up
  • Console is on

Then the house says: “Time is up. Please save and turn of your Station” and starts a timer…and when that runs out, it checks again…and says something else if the Station is still on :smiling_imp:
Ultimatly one could block internet access or cut the power…but nowadays that would be called cruelty :wink:
It’s basically a rework of the alarm clock I’ve made a while ago. Time/Recheck time can be set for each day.
Widget looks like this:

And before you say “God what a control freak”: Actually my daughter approved of the idea. She does have a little time awareness problem once the game is on :wink:
Yes, it shows once more that the best thing to solve our modern world tech problems…is more technology!


Of course solving a problem like this with technology also encourages the little ones to try and figure out how to bypass the controls. Let the arms race begin! :grin:


Well my “little” one has full control over the settings :wink: It’s more of a tool to make life more easy. But I remember when she started on her own Computer, i implemented a simple “whitelist” mechanism (basically enter a non existing proxy in the browser’s setting and add every OK site to the exeptions…) and for this one, i explained the concept but didn’t show the steps, hoping to get some “me want to hack this” reaction - thus learning something without realising it’s actually learning. Worked!

Parenting win!

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I just put a tv in my kids room this weekend since it’s summer. I have already discussed with both of them that a smart outlet is going in as well that will cut the power at a specified time and not be active till the next day. They are ok with it. I was surprised.

I like the idea of giving them a heads up though :slight_smile:

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I you’d like the items, rules and widget just let me know…

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