How to use/test OH2 zigbee binding?

Hello, was hoping someone could help with how to get the zigbee binding up and running. I have a CC2531 sitting here and OH2 installed on a separate system (still using OH1 for my HA stuff while I play with a few things in OH2). I have a collection of Cree Connected bulbs and a small collection of zigbee motion sensors that I would like to try out.

Is there a jar file i haven’t found yet or something else? How do I start?


Hopefully @chris will chime in, but I don’t believe that the Zigbee addon has been fully backed and released yet. I know he is furiously working on it and the zwave binding.

That’s correct - it’s not currently included in the OH2 distribution. I’m not too sure about the schedule on this, but there was some talk about including it so people can test it…

The PR is here…

Rich, Chris,

Thanks, I had come across the PR a week or so ago but thought maybe I had missing something somewhere as I have seen other threads with people running the binding and testing a few devices.

Chris, I see you post and reply all over the boards so I know you have a ton going on and are a tremendous contributor to the project. I thought maybe I had just missed finding the right thread or repo with the binding. I can wait until things are more ready for public testing.


Whilst on the subject of Zigbee, is this the USB stick I’d need?

Looks like the right number, but remember reading somewhere on the forums about the firmware loaded on the clones being different possibly. I just happened to find the actual TI dev kit on ebay for $20. @chris might have more information.

Ran into this issue with firmware. But i don’t think it is anything to do with it being different or clone. You have to program CC2531 USB dongle with prebuilt FW CC2531-GW-ZNP_38724.hex. You have to use CC Debugger and Flash Programmer to download that hex file to your CC2531 USB dongle.TI does not sale a CC2531 USB dongle with this prebuilt hex file. Is that what you had to do, @chris?

So, here is the idea. Who in United States wants to share CC debugger, since all you need to do is use it once?

Hi there, I am working on my OH2 install and ZigBee is on my short list. I have a few CC Debuggers lying around from some BTLE work that I could lend or program devices. I will get the dongle tomorrow and checkout the binding as well.

Just curious if you managed to get the setup running? Are you using the dongle as Zigbee Coordinator? Are you using the zigbee4java as library? Just beginning to start using Zigbee…