How to use z wave binding with UZB stick

Rpi 4 OH3. I have a UZB stick plugged into USB port and have installed the z-wave binding and added a thing which seems to be happy:

The documentation says “When the discovery process is started, the binding will put the controller into inclusion mode for a defined period of time to allow new devices to be discovered and added to the network.”

I can’t see any obvious way / button for putting the stick into inclusion mode. Any assistance gratefully received.

On the Thing Settings, use the “+” button, select the binding, & then click the Scan button near the top of the screen.

Ah. So beautifully simple when you know how! The stick now generates an encouraging blue flashing light. I will marked solved once I have added a device. Thanks.

Yes. Have added a device now no problem at all and seems to work perfectly. Many thanks.