How to use Zipato Mini Keypad RFID?

I have added Zipato Mini Keypad RFID, but now I am not sure how to use it.
Habmin shows firmware version 0.28 and “using security” is OFF, should it matter.
I run OpenHAB 2.5 on Raspberry Pi with OpenHabian.

Paper UI shows 4 channels, which I associated to the following items:

Switch MiniKeyPad_Switch "KeyPad Switch" <frontdoor> { channel="zwave:device:161058c2207:node14:switch_binary" }
Switch MiniKeyPad_Alarm "KeyPad Alarm" <alarm> { channel="zwave:device:161058c2207:node14:alarm_burglar" }
String MiniKeyPad_AlarmStr "KeyPad Alarm string" <frontdoor> { channel="zwave:device:161058c2207:node14:alarm_raw" }
Number MiniKeyPad_BattLvl "KeyPad Battery Level" <batterylevel> { channel="zwave:device:161058c2207:node14:battery-level" }

The battery level is obvious and, if I understand things correctly, the Alarm switch should activate when I open the back cover of the device.
The alarm_raw channel receives {"type":"0","value":"0"} when I press “Home” and a valid code, and {"type":"0","value":"255"} when I press “Away” and a valid code.

This leaves some questions:

  1. Is there a way to detect when one enters wrong/invalid code?
  2. Is there really no confirmation to the user whether the code was accepted or not?
  3. What is the first switch (switch_binary) for? I do not see any difference when it is ON or OFF…

Actually, sometimes when the first switch is ON, then the keypad starts beeping for several seconds after I enter a code (regardless whether it was correct or not) and then stops and turns the switch OFF. I have not managed to find under what conditions this happens, though, seems random.

In addition, I would like to know whether someone managed to register some RFID tag in OpenHAB?
The tag that came with the keypad has non-nummeric ID, so according to the discussion in this thread, one needs to install other software (FHEM) to get the tag registered.
But what if one finds an RFID tag that has ID within the specs, ie. max 10 digits - will it work? And has anyone a link to a tag that works?