How to view snapshot camera image in my cloud?

Hi Guys,

I have a Reolink camera which provides a snapshot jpeg file and a rtsp stream. AFAIK, it is no possible to stream video via my cloud to be accessible from “outside” . Can I do this with snapshot image? I tried to provide link to snapshot image (with camera IP), but it didn’t work in my cloud. I assume that, I have to save a snapshot file to static folder and then share this in my cloud. However, I have some doubts if it will kill my sd card inserted in RPi. Any other ideas?

In case you use ZRAM check if you have enough of free ZRAM. Put the picture into a directory that is in ZRAM then.

Did you try with 3.2 Stable? the newer ipcamera binding serves on the static URL location.

Yes, I’ve tried. The URL from camera binding worked only when I was connected to the local network. When I connected by cloud there is no image on the Page.

were you using https? you can not use a non https url for the camera if your using https to view the openHAB UI. Also see this security setting that some browsers are using now.

Display streams and snapshots from ipcamera binding in oh-image - Add-ons / UIs - openHAB Community

I found the solution… In an Image Card widget I had to provide Item which consists the URL snapshot. Previously, I provided the URL in the URL field and it wasn’t working.

Above works on mobile App and Firefox. It seems that Chrome is affected by issue mentioned by @matt1 .

Thanks guys!