How to wake Alexa, via item TextCommand?

What is the word that awakens Alexa?
I tried:
“Alexa” - does not work
“Wake up” - does not work
“Wake” - does not work
I want to write rule Alexa responds with a question
My system OH3 openhabian

How do you test this? Did you use the command channel from the echo binding? Please provide more context.

yes, this channel


Is there anything in the logs?
Are the other channels of this thing working?

I don’t get the question, to be honest.
First of all, the Amazon Echo Control binding can “control” the Alexa functionalities of an Alexa-device (see list of functions on the above link).

Please describe your use case, so we can help you further. Guessing from your answer:

as described in the docs - “sendCommand” uses the Alexa-device (Alexa_Dot3 in your case) as a Text-to-Speech device and simply reads out the text you provide (“alexa” in your case).

So, my guess is: you write your rule and then use sendCommand to output the resulting text on one of your echos. you don’t have to “wake up” your Alexa-devices or anything.

I think he want to make something like this:

Door opens → Alexa asking: “Should i turn light on?” → He reply with “Yes” → Alexa is turning on Light.

But i don’t think that something like that is possible on Openhab side, or on Alexa side (maybe with routines on alexa side…)

No, that’s not possible, the Alexa API doesn’t expose anything like that. You have to go with either a spoken command (without openHAB), or you could trigger a routine, a scene via openHAB or turn the light on depending on time of day or a light sensor…
But you can’t use Alexa as an input device from openHAB, if that is what the TE had in mind.

True, that’s my intention
Respond to Alexa back for her to execute a command If I got to a certain location I defined from the beginning in the rule then she will ask me something and respond to her in yes or no

I understood, thank you

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