How update binding

I have OH 2.2 at my Raspi2 and
182 │ Active │ 80 │ │ Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding
How update Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding to the lastest version?

OH2.2 is the latest stable edition, that goes for the core as well as the bindings.
There is a unstable or Snapshot edition (2.3), using that you could update to the newest nearly releases . However this edition is named unstable on purpose!
If you only want the newest unstable release of a binding, you need to uninstall that binding via PAPERUI and put the .jar of the new binding in the addons folder.

Here is Xiaomi Aqara Human Sensor PIR w. LUX - Things / Items
guys talking about Aqara Motion Sensor, how can I get Mi Home Binding with it?

The file can be found Here

You 100% sure that I should use 2.3 and it’s not part of 2.2?

If it were part of 2.2 your sensor would be included. There have been no changes to the 2.2 bindings since the release back in December. To get any changes since then you must run the 2.3 SNAPSHOT.