How update items by category openhab using rest?

I want to update all items by category light.

How can I do this?

What do you mean category?

this is item in demo

That’s the icon name for display in basicUI and classicUI.

What do you mean by update all items?

So this way by groupNames[1], is it possible?
“Update all items” means update the state each item!

You need to put your items in a group.
The category is not usable in rules as far as I know.

REST API doesn’t support a category filter as far as i know.
What works is a Filter by Tag

You could fetch a list of item names that are tagged with Lighting


which will give you a list of item names and then perform a POST request for each resulted item.
But i don’t think that there is something to perform a command/update for every item with tag XY.

If you organize your items in groups like suggested above, you can update the group item with one POST request and the group item will take care of updating all of its Members.
(I think this will be the better solution, since you can define groups based on your personal needs an situation.)