How usable are current OH3 snapshots?

I saw some really cool UI stuff for OH3 on twitter and since I have to rebuild a new RPi, is it worth jumping on OH3 now or is that still very experimental?

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It’s very experimental at this point, especially with migrated bindings (or lack thereof) . I would not recommend running this as a primary system (i’m not yet) until there are a few more issues worked out. Fortunately its not stability or quality issues that are the problem, just the mechanics of moving namespaces, depreciated methods and apis, new authentication, etc…

Don’t use it yet as your primary server! It’s too experimental.

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I did some trial. Most of my stuff was working. Unfortunatelly my most important binding Zwave has problems. Pls look Windows wrapper-service as well. It does not work. It has just configuration issue as I saw but I couldn’t solve.

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