HowTo: Add Oregon UVN800 manually


Last week I bought a Oregon UVN800 which works with RFXCom.

When I run RFXManager the data is caputured and the device is connected with my RFXCom.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to add this to openHab manually.

Is there anyone xho has a tutorial?


It is not automaticly discovered? Do you see anything in the log?

Hi Martin,

It’s not discoverd automaticly… also in the logs I don’t see any data from the UVN800.


Its not yet supported, you can work on it yourself (maybe port it from the openhab version 1.9) and/or create an feature-request at


Btw which version of openHAB are you running?

I installed openhabian on my Raspberry PI so Version 2.

So if I install version 1.9 is will work? Or is this no longer available?

It is available but its less user friendly. OH2 is a complete rebuild.