Howto configure Openhab2

Hello =)

I have a very basis question:
whats the “prefered” way to configure openhab?

I was fiddling around a little bit with a fresh install and now I am confused.

AFAIK i can configure/add things via the paper UI. And in in the items config file. And (maybe, havent tried yet) via habmin2,
Whats the “right” way? It seems a bad idea to mix them, because thing added through the paper UI are NOT persisted to the config files. This might lead to trouble/confusion. Editing the configfiles directly is no problem, but I am lazy :wink:

So how should i proceed to set up a new environment?
papery ui for the lazy? (haven just added some things and this worked fine, no items etc). But hard to backup imho.
Config files? Seems very “oldstable” but reliably.
Habmin? Have no experience.

And another noobish question: how di i reconnect/restart a shell to a running openhab2 instance?


When configuring via PaperUI, how can you integrate Openhab1 binding items in the UI? I do not dee any text files in use when configuring through PaperUI