Howto create a Switch like a Checkbox

I want to create a switch wich behaves like a common Checkbox.
It shoud have 3 fields: auto-open, auto-close, auto-shadow. What is the solution to switch on a second field without switching off the first one?

At the moment I use this Line in the sitemap:
Switch item=Shutter_Bedroom_Auto mappings=[1='auto-open', 2='auto-close', 3='auto-shadow']

and this items:
Number Shutter_Bedroom_Auto "Auto Shutter Bedroom"

Thank you for all Ideas!

I don’t think this is possible. It is certainly not possible with a Switch. It might be possible with a Selection but I’ve never used one and the wiki doesn’t provide much info. You will have to experiment with it.

But in any case you need to think about how you would represent that in your Number Item. What number should Shutter_Bedroom_Auto be set to with both auto-open and auto-shadow selected? 4? 13? It can’t have two values at the same time.