HowTo for integration of Generic MQTT Thing

Hi All
i am desperatly looking for a good tutorial for the integration of a generic MQTT thing (using the new binding)

What do i want to do? An ESP8266 using espeasy i sending Temperature, Humidity and preassure from a BME SEnsor to the broker (topic /name/name/Temperature).

I can see the values in MQTT.fx but now i want to integrate them in openhab and save them also in Influx.

Does somebody know a good tutorial for that ?

I found some old ones using the old MQTT Binding, but those does not really help.

Thanks in advance.

How about reading the documentation?
If that doesn’t help there are lots of threads about setting up MQTT2 either via PaperUI or via files.

Here’s a link (be sure to read the other 4 post) for setting up Esp Easy to work with Mqtt 2.x