Howto get timedate of last update of item in rules?

To check if an MQTT based device is still active, I would like to check every minute (using cron rule) and calculate the time since last change.

If the difftime > 65 seconds --> take action…

In items file:
String VPNStatus “VPN Status [%s]” (gVPN) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/vpn/status:state:default]"}

In rules file:
rule "check difftime"
Time cron “0 * * * * ?” //every minute
var Number test1 = (VPNStatus.lastUpdate as DateTimeType).calendar.timeInMillis
logInfo(“VPNSatus”, test1.toString)

In logfile there is error but cannot figure out what is wrong:
Error during the execution of rule difftime: org.eclipse.smarthome.core.library.types.DateTimeType

Any help appreciated !

You can probably do something like this with the expire binding if you are able to use whole minutes.

You do need persistence working to get .lastUpdate

There is a similar usage of .lastUpdate here

Thanks, working now!

Would you share your fix, for the benefit of other people?

Sure, I found out that the VPNStatus was not in a persistence database.
The program was not aware of any datetime recording, adding it to the MySQL persistence seems to solve it.
Still having other problems, I’ll keep you informed!

An alternative approach is to use the Expire binding. This approach does not require persistence nor does it require polling.


String VPNStatus "VPN Status [%s]" (gVPN) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:/vpn/status:state:default"], expire="1m"}


rule "Is offline"
    Item VPNStatus changed to NULL
    logInfo("VPN", "The VPN Status has not reported for over a minute, it must be offline.

Theory of operation:

The Expire binding sets the VPNStatus to NULL when it hasn’t received an update for more than a minute. The Rule triggers when the Item changes to NULL to report the Item has gone offline.

See the Expire binding’s readme for other options and details.

Another approach, if I understand your setup, would be to use a last will and testament message. This is a message the MQTT client registers with the broker to be sent when the client goes offline. OH can subscribe to that topic and generate an alert when the broker reports the client is offline.

Does expire require persistence ?




I tried to use it with a Number Item, the Expire binding works but the state of the Item (when it expires) will become ‘undef’.
In a rule I cannot test against undef , at least the it generates an error:

An error occured during the script execution: The name 'undef' cannot be resolved to an item or type.

Any thoughts ?


From the docs:

If you don’t specify an update or command, the default is to post an Undefined (UnDefType.UNDEF) update to the item.

So something like
expire="5m,state=0" // (update state to 0 after five minutes) or
should do it …

Tnx, I just did what you suggested, works like a charm!


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I was wrong, it works, undef has to be in captials … (UNDEF) :slight_smile:

if (VPNupTimeMin.state == UNDEF) { 	


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