Howto install Tankerkönig Binding


I tried to install tankerkönig add-on but I can’t find it in the PaperUI list. Do I have to install it manually or how should I install it?
There are several add-ons missing, which are listed in the list of
but not in PaperUI of my installation??? Any hints/suggestions?


Forgot to mention, problem was on OH2.0.0 and also on 2.1.0.

That binding was introduced recently, so you won’t find it in the stable 2.0 release.
If you did not find it in the 2.1 release (either stable or recent snapshot) something went wrong during your upgrading procedure:

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You’re right.
I haven’t seen the updating article and copied all new files of 2.1 over my old installation.
After deleting the files as mentioned in the article and copy again over my old installation, it works now.
Thanks a lot for that hint.

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