Howto integrate the DS2824 Relay LAN Board from Robot Electronics into OpenHAB 3?

I’d like to integrate the Relay LAN Board DS2824 from Robot Electronics into OpenHAB 3.

It has 24 relays (capable for 230V / max. 16A) that can be managed via LAN.

There seem to be four possible modes to manage the board:

  1. TCP / IP command set (like: “IP Port SR 1 on” to set the first relay on or “IP Port GR 1” to get the status of the first relay)
  2. Binary command set (setting the comands by bytes like 0x30)
  3. AES binary command set (like 2., but including encryption)
  4. modbus commands.

I suppose it would be the most easy for beginners to use the TCP / IP commands with the http-bindings, but I still find no tutorial where and how to put the commands in the binding configuration.

Can somebody pls give some hints?

Thank you very much!

PS: You might find the documentation about the mentioned board here in a zip-file: dScript software

TCP / IP commands are not compatible with http binding.
You would have to use the TCP/UDP binding.

But as mdobus is supported I would assume that that one is more straight forward.

Thank you very much James - I think I will inform me (in future) about Modbus TCP and trying to get it work starting from your hint… the problem is: I have not much idea about Modbus and few time to get it work, so this must wait a little (although it might be the much better or solid way).

Thank you, too, Wolfgang: I looked for an TCP/UDP binding, but still did not find any in the list of my installation…

Under settings go to “JSON third party addons” ( could be named a bit different as I do not have english as UI language ). There you need to enter

This will add smarthomej to the marketplace. Afterwards you should be able to find "SmartHome/J TCP/UDP Binding "

Hi Wolfgang, I found it - thank you very much! Markus

Goto: “JSON Drittanbieter Add-Ons”