Howto manage holiday mode

The idea so far:
Make a switch item for holiday made
Based on the switches state, the rules for heating are adapted so that thermostats are set to a low temperature when I’m on holiday.
Having the switch put on a sitemap will allow me to tell the server, that I’m going on holiday.
But I would like to tell the server, when I am supposed to be back, so the thermostats will start heating some hours before and I will find a warm home. Q: How to set a cron job or timer, just hardcode it as a rule or is there any nice widget?
I’m in conceptual phase thinking about the use case. Ideas and suggestions welcome.

Set the switch with CalDav binding?

I also use switch to indicate when I will be away for extended period. It sets a lower temperature and activates special lighting rules while I’m away. I just turn it off when I’m heading back home and the change from ON to OFF activates another set of rules to raise the heat and resetting lights to a different rule set. Works well for me as plans can and do change while away. This keeps it simple and allows for a lot of flexibility.


Unfortunately, they’re is not a great way to set a date time from a ui in OH. Search the forum for “alarm clock” and you should find several examples. There is a HABPanel widget that is nice it you can use setpoint elements on the Sitemap to set the hour, minute, day, month, and year individually. Then you have Rules that put them all together and schedules a Timer.

It’s kind of awkward but it works. But because if the awkwardness, I think most use CalDav as had been recommended or just manually flip the switch when they know they are returning which had also been recommend.

I personally have no difference between when I’m away for the afternoon or away for a week so I just use presence detection to drive the behavior.