HowTo remove entries in the karaf log list?


due to several issues I tried to get more log-entries for a couple of bundles. So my log:list in karaf did get larger and larger.
If I set each of the entered bundle (not sure if that is the correct word for that) to ERROR, the logging itself returns to normal, but the entries for the bundles remain in the log:list. Is this a point not to worry about, or is there a command which could remove entries?


Having done even debugging, does anybody know how to remove not needed entries in the “log:list”?


In case anyone needs this I just figured out how to remove entry: you just set its logging level to DEFAULT.


Blame me for not posting that earlier

I’ve tried that, because I had a typo in log entry but setting to “DEFAULT” only removes the Level from list, not the entry itself.

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Same problem here, also a typo and now the misstyped entry stays in “log:list”
Any ideas?

same for me. Isn’t there any way to remove a logger created by log:set in the console?

This is an old post, but as I just had the same question, here you have the way to do it (if there is a better way, i.e. from the karaf console itself, I do not know)

Just remove the corresponding entries in the configuration file. It is read on real time, so no need to restart or anything else. Just after removing the entries in the file, you will see them disappear from the karaf’s “log:list”

In debian (in other distributions, it may be somewhere else, but named the same), the config file is:


Just be aware that there are two lines in the file per log entry.

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I recommend you to take a closer look at this post: