HowTo: restricting sitemaps to users / roles?

I’m wondering, if it is possible to hide certain features and/or sitemaps from specific users or roles?

So, e.g. kids and wifes only see the basic sitemap, wheres the admin sees all? Should then be adapted to also. Is this possible? Didn’t find anything here or in the docu.

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I’ve also thought about this several times in the past. And I think there already was a discussion about this here in the forum. In short: No, this is not possible (atm).

As a workaround, you can define another sitemap (with basic features) and setup the kids/wife-devices for only using this sitemap. Drawback: You have to maintain two (or more…) sitemaps. And technically, they can’t be prevented from also using “your” sitemap.

Short answer: this is not directly supported in OpenHAB.

Longer answer: an effective work-around is to use a reverse proxy such as NGINX to limit access to specific sitemaps. See details in this thread:

Does this also work for access via myopenhab?