Howto send / program zwave units


Thanks for this amazing forum. I manage to read and pull data from all my Devices With help from this site. Thanks

The problem i now face is:

How can i send data out to my units? Im using zwave binding.
Do i use the item configuration file or do i make rules With linking to the items file?

is there a “clean” example that show how to put a temperature setpoint out to a zwave Device? If i understand the Logic i think i will be inn the flow again.

Maybe this is easy to find in the wiki, but then i have missed it, or not maybe i not have understand what was in front of me :smile:
Im using OH1.7.1

Christian from Norway

Hello @christianL,
Welcome to OpenHAB.
Can you be more specific about the device?
Also, please refer to the sample sitemap and items on the wiki.

Thanks Mahesh

You pointed me in the right direction… And now its working …

The problem was i put the all in the Item file… but when i put it in sitemap things works good.

Im sure i have more questions later… but i wil try solve them myself before i use all your time :smile:

Thanks again.