Howto teach in an FSB71 Eltako Enocean device?

Synology DSM 6.2 Docker Openhab 3.0.1
Binding with the Gateway USB 300 from Enocean is OK: online

no other device was automatically recognized, not even the FT55 PTM215 rocker switches
I manually added the FSB71 roller shutter device (2 channels) and it comes online but does not communicate.
I know you have to teach in these devices with a commando of Openhab but I found nothing in the manuals en this forum how to do that in Openhab 3.0.1
Can someone help me please ?

Hi Eric,
if you switch the FT55 while discovery is active you should be getting a thing created. If that is not the case, I think your setup is not fully working.
Also if you defined the FSB71 with the correct EEP, have status messages enabled on it, you should receive values for eg. the position-channel linked to an item if you drive it via the FT55.

If you are at that stage, you can create a switch-item manually and link that to the teachin-channel of the FSB71-thing. Put that into pairing mode and then flip the switch in OH to do the teachin.


Markus thanks for the explanation.
The FT55 have been read (is online green)
I defined FSB71 (is also online green) with he basic selection EEP for sending and receiving in openhab and ofcourse the EnOceanId from my actuator, Send Broadcast Messages

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong to receive the position.
I go to Things and select the actuator FSB71. Then “channels” “add link to item”, “create new item” and “link”. I don’t know where to find the position channel
are these the right steps?

Can you post your config ? Esp. what EEP you chose because that controls which channels are available for linking

UID: enocean:rollershutter:4e2bf5d450:4bead57fbf
label: Rollershutter Actuator Hal beneden
thingTypeUID: enocean:rollershutter
enoceanId: FF9BC902
senderIdOffset: 2
pollingInterval: 300
suppressRepeating: false
sendingEEPId: A5_3F_7F_EltakoFSB
- A5_3F_7F_EltakoFSB
broadcastMessages: true
bridgeUID: enocean:bridge:4e2bf5d450
location: Ovenkot

Looks good.
Is the enoceanid excatly the same as printed on the FSB71 ? (just asking because it ends on “2” - same as your senderid)

You should have a “rollershutter” channel with the uid “enocean:rollershutter:4e2bf5d450:FF9BC902:rollershutter”. That should be linked to a new item of type “dimmer”

I will check it again:
there are 2 channels on the FSB71 2 x 230


Yes, I remember. The FSB71 has 2 separate IDs because it can drive 2 independent rollershutters. (my FSB14 only can drive one)

Also have a look at the discussion I had with another user of a FSB71 here :

type dimmer as new item ?


I come back tommororw

ok, both channels on FSB71 2x230 are teach in. Now I can control them from Openhab. Easy if you now it or read it . :grinning:
I have not yet taken the time to see the position of the screens.
can you roughly tell me what to create and where please ?

If I look in Habpanel ,

Item that shows status of blinds from 0 to 100

, which item is that exactly ?

Glad you made progress. Unfortunately I don’t use Habpanel. But the Item 0 to 100 is correct, this shows full open (0) and full close (100). Not sure if the FSB71 can actually report positions in between. Other actuators (like the NodOns that I also use) can.

So in OpenHab you can select an ‘item’
and also a ‘percentage item’
Any Idea what they mean with ‘percentage item’ ; I now what they mean but I dont see it in the list of items . Maybe I can then see the position ?

Sorry, no experience yet with OH3. In OH2 I use a “rollershutter” item (not sure if it had a percentage Item).
According to the docs here, rollershutter is still there and IMHO should still the one to use in OH3.

Easy I select the created new item dimmer and it works. :wink:

another small problem with another FSB71 2x230
I lower the screen and when it stops you see the position in percentage (in HABPanel) But now it shows that of the other ID.
Item ‘screen’ and item ‘dimmer’ are correctly linked.
I don’t understand how that is possible.