HRT4-ZW Thermostat showing incorrect temp/format

I can’t figure out my my thermostat temp channel/item is not showing the right temp. Is it a formatting issue?

Any ideas?

That looks like a default value (80 00) in hex. Was it working before or is this a new device? If new, as a battery device is it fully initialized (5 lines at the bottom of the UI page)?
Five Lines of configured node

Lastly, if new, what is value of parameter 1 (enable or disable temperature sensor)?

it’s not a new device, but I have recently rebuilt my z-wave network and this device not been working correctly. Only a problem now that i need to use the heating :slight_smile:

It looks like you have pointed me in the right direction however, thankyou!

from another site i found:

Configuration Parameter Number 1:
0–127 disables temperature sensor, 128-255 enables temperature sensor. Default = 0.

again, thanks.

Confirming issue is resolved!
thanks again