HS-WS200+ Firmware upgrade (5.12) added attribute 6 to disable scene control

I’ve updated the firmware on my Netseer HS-WS200+ to latest. The new firmware adds a new parameter (6) to disable scene control – to do away with a delay on single tap. Per Chris , a a new entry needs to be created in the device database with the new parameter.
Those of you with more experience, please help out with the process. I’ve already gotten access from Chris. OpenHab won’t generate XML that contains the new parameter. What do I use as the base to create a new device entry: the XML that OpenHab generates or export the current entry from the device database?

Here is the device in the database.


Here is the description of the FW change:

Parameter 6 added. This parameter allows the Z-Wave central scene command class to be enabled (default) or disabled. If multi-tap operation is not required, disabling the central scene command class will result in instantaneous load control when the paddle is pressed.


Scroll down to Firmware and expand the ws200+

And here is the database guide on how to add an entry.


I’ve already seen the guide and taken some of the steps.

This post was meant to generate a conversation about the database changes. Anyway, I appended my ticket with Chris.

OpenHAB won’t add parameters into the XML - they must be added to the database first.

Only the XML that OH generates - you cannot edit the XML that the database generates and add this back into the database - it is an incompatible format.

What specifically did you want to discuss?

I will take a look, but in general the correct place to discuss such issues is here on the forum.

I just uploaded the XML file with the additional parameter. Submitted for review.

You can’t upload any file to change the database. You can only upload files to create a new database entry.

You need to manually add the parameters. I would suggest having a read over the database guide if you’re not familiar with it. The first line states this -:

Manual entry is required for configuration parameters, associations, device names etc, where such information is not provided by a scan of the device itself.


Thanks. For this device, a new firmware version was released, as a result a new parameter was added. What are the steps to change the database?

from the guide:

NOTE : If you find that there is already a device in the database with the same Type and ID as the one you want to add, don’t just change them or add duplicates. Please flag this to me on the openHAB forum and we’ll try and work out how best to handle it - for example, the device might be a newer (or older!) version of a similar device with different firmware.

I did this with the ZW132 for a new firmware and as far as I can tell it is working properly.

You can see there are two versions for it…

In the db guide there is this section. The last line is very important.

Then, since most of the device config is the same, you can copy the config to a new device and then make the apropriate edits to the new version and submit for review.

Again, this is the process I used when I did the ZW132 device and everything worked well. Anyone that has more insight please correct me if there is anything wrong.



I believe the first step is to limit the firmware version of the existing device entry to avoid conflict errors.

I think there’s an issue with the database when it imports files with the same type/id. To get around this, first edit the XML file to change the type/id to something “random” - 1234:5678. Then import the file, change the version of the old entry and also the version of the new entry so there’s no conflict, and change the type/id back to what it originally was.

From here, everything should be as normal. You can copy the configuration (parameters/associations) from the old version using the menu in the top right - note that this ONLY works if there are no parameters/associations configured so don’t add anything before doing this.

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I was able to add a new device with your instructions (different type/id).

You will see update requests on the original device 818. The only change that needs committed is the firmware version number change.

Several attempts to edit the new device end up updating the original device. Assuming it’s because I updated the type/id to the original prematurely.
I have to be away for a few hours. Will be back to finalize the settings.

FYI. For the new device, I added all options under Endpoints > Configuration to match the original device. Then added the new option for Scene control for parameter 6. All of options are now showing [deprecated]… not sure what that’s about.

That is an ideal way to break things for you and everybody else with that device. The Endpoints information comes directly from the device xml and any change can drastically break things. I know because I have done that myself.
Occasionally there need to be minor changes but they must be done with great care. Please ask @chris to revert those changes.

Thanks Bruce. What’s a good way to let Chris know? Is there a way to tag him in a convo?

I did in my last post. :wink: Just add @ before the username like this. @tontonton


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