HSB light current status in sitemap possible?

I wish to have the status of my color light (HSB) on the sitemap label
If I try is with label="Color [%s]" I only get the first value of the string

Maybe there is a way to show the whole value? or maybe it is possible to do it with rules?

I do not have any experience with ColorItems so I don’t know if there is a more direct way to do it. But you can definitely do it with Rules and a Proxy Item.

Create a String Item and whenever the ColorItem changes set the state of the String Item with the toString of the ColorItem.

I know of no way to do it with Rules on the ColorItem itself.

Thank you for the reply, I figured out with your help how to write the rule.
It does what I need it to do, now I can see the value of the HSBtype thru the proxy item on my sitemap

`rule “Color to string Office”
Item Office_rgbColor changed
logInfo(“TEST”, Office_rgbColor.state.toString)
postUpdate(Office_rgbString , Office_rgbColor.state.toString)


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