Http binding and dimmer item


I’m trying to find a working solution for Dimmers and the http binding.
When I create a Number item with a http binding for querying the status, I get updates like it should. But if I change it to a Dimmer, I get no updates.
When I look in the logs of the http website that’s queried by the http binding, I can see the requests for the update coming in, but the item is not updated within OH2.

Number Dimmer_10_01_testNumber {http="<[http:///webservice/velserver/$.Status)]"}
Dimmer Dimmer_10_01_testDimmer {http="<[http://webservice/velserver/$.Status)]"}

The moment I change the second line so it starts with ‘Number’, I get the correct value for the item.


I’ve only ever seen Numbers and Strings used with the HTTP binding. I can’t say for sure but it is possible that the HTTP binding doesn’t support Dimmer Items.

I took a quick look at the source of http binding, but I couldn’t figure out if there is a limited list of items type that’s supported.
If I look at the behavior, it looks like the Dimmer item is not supported :frowning:


I just noticed this update:

I updated to the latest snapshot and the http binding for dimmers is working :slight_smile:


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