Http binding error

Keep getting this from http binding:
only a local IP address for a shelly switch
doesnt happen all the time, may be a thread issue.

Fatal transport error: No route to host (Host unreachable)

http cfg:



Switch 		CupboardLight 			"Cupboard Light"		(GroupCupboard,GroupGroundLights)		[ "Lighting" ]	 { http=">[ON:POST:] >[OFF:POST:]" }
String 		CupboardLightStatus 	"Cupboard Light Status"	(GroupCupboard) 										 { http="<[CupboardLightCache:1000:JSONPATH($.ison)]" }


rule "Cupboard Light" when Item CupboardLightStatus changed then
val CupboardLightState =CupboardLightStatus.state.toString
if (CupboardLightState == 'true') {sendCommand(CupboardLight,ON)}
else if (CupboardLightState == 'false') { sendCommand(CupboardLight,OFF)}

Have the command that is generating the error? Not sure others can help without that.

The error is that openHAB cannot reach Has that machine changed IP addresses? Is it ON? Perhaps your network is spotty and the device loses it’s network connection periodically?

This error indicates a networking error and not something that can be addressed from OH.

I haven’t looked into too much at the moment, they are all static IP’s and it happens to multiple devices at exactly the same time (but not all of them). It may be a firmware issue with the devices as they are constantly upgrading them, just wanted to see what the error really meant (I assumed no network but wanted to see if anyone else had experienced problems with the binding itself)

we have constant power cuts in South Africa, when power is restored my router boots up way slower than OH and of course the MQTT broker, resulting in this error (due to the network not being up yet). is there a way to ensure the broker retries the connection if it fails the first time? any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. i am still utilizing MQTT binding 1.x

The MQTT 2 binding will keep trying to connect/reconnect. I don’t know the behavior of MQTT 1. If it doesn’t there isn’t anything you can do about it beyond upgrading to v2.

Thank you so much for the timely feedback, much appreciated, will start the migration over to mqtt 2.x