Http binding fibaro home center 2

Hi all
i am new to openhab2
i tried to create a item like this

Switch lamp {http=">[ON:POST:] > [OFF:POST: ]"}

but when i add a switch , i see the switch but is does’nt work

when i put
in my browser
lamp turns on

can someone help me out with this ?

Just a guess, maybe worth trying: URL encoding
This might help:

In your case the URLs you could try are:

  • http%3A%2F%2F192.168.0.200%2Fapi%2FcallAction%3FdeviceID%3D192%26name%3DsetValue%26arg1%3D50

  • http%3A%2F%2F192.168.0.200%2Fapi%2FcallAction%3FdeviceID%3D192%26name%3DsetValue%26arg1%3D0

this is also not working

I am having a similar issue. I have this in my .items file:

Switch Candles_On	"Candles On"		<fire> { http=">[ON:POST:http://user:pass@] >[OFF:POST:http://user:pass@]" }

And this in my sitemap:

Switch item=Candles_On label="Candles"

But then when I switch the button in the UI, I get nothing in events.log and nothing in openhab.log and nothing on the receiving server. I tried setting debug, but there is so much information I don’t really know where to start looking.

What’s the best way to debug this kind of thing?

hi did you find a solution for this ?